LED Moving Flame Candle with Remote

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Flameless candles have become a popular gift and décor element used in many homes and businesses. Open flame candles need to be kept away from flammable objects and placed in safe areas. They can be expensive to continuously replace, making them an inconvenient and inefficient option for those who want the ambience of an open flame. The moving flame candle comes with a remote, for ultimate convenience, and programmable features for maximum efficiency. Aside from the mess left by dripping wax, owners of LED candles will not have to worry about cleaning candleholders or having their candles blown out, especially outdoors.

Mirage LED candles by Candle Impressions are made from real wax and incorporate a moving flame design to give the look, feel, and flicker of real candlelight. The LED bulb is concealed in the candle, while the randomized flicker gives the impression of a dancing flame. Safe, odourless, and clean, these LED candles are reusable are have superior battery life compared to competitors.

The moving flame candle also comes with a remote. Now owners can set the mood from across the room with the touch of a button.
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The Mirage by Candle Impressions gives the look of a moving flame with a remote control option, so you can set the mood from across the room. No more constantly replacing candles, cleaning candleholders or messes caused by dripping wax. The flameless candle gives the ambience of a real flame, without the hassle. Perhaps most importantly, it’s reusable; and with over 650 hours of battery life, you won’t find yourself replacing batteries on a weekly basis.

Use Outdoors

With no fire to blow out, LED candles can provide the ambience of a real flame that doesn’t burn out before the end of the night. Mirage outdoor LED candles and outdoor lanterns are durable enough for the outdoors, still have the beauty and detail of indoor décor items.

Safety First

Perhaps one of the greatest features of using an LED candle is that they are completely safe and perfect for environments where children may be present. You’ll be able to place your flameless candle anywhere, without worrying if it might be too close to a flammable object. With no need for a lighter, even the kids can light the moving flame candle with the remote control.

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